Spicewood Arts Round-Up

I showed my art quilts, fiber art, and journals at the Spicewood Arts Round-Up over the weekend. It was lovely–a shady grove where we set up our tent, live music, and good food. The show organizers pampered us and made sure we were well taken care of. And, I sold some of my fiber art and several journals.

Spicewood Arts Round-Up

Sunday was hot for this time of year, so tear-down was especially exhausting, but I’m taking a two-week break from work to 1) piddle (this week); and 2) attend the International Quilt Festival in Houston (next week).

I’m looking forward to the break!


My name is Michele Guthrie. Some of you may know me as “Textile Traveler.” I’m in the process of trying to get reorganized, move my blog to a new site, and post more of my work online.

I’m one of those people who needs to try things on before I make a decision, so I’ve been slow in getting this site up and running. I go back and forth on questions such as, “Should I try to have a blog here as well as on my other site” (I can barely keep up with the one I already have!)?” Should I split my work up into separate galleries” (but I don’t how to move individual pics & descriptions, and I’ve already spent a lot of time setting up one gallery!)?

Eventually I’ll get too tired to deal with it anymore, and at that point, wherever I am in the process is likely where I’ll end up staying.

Enough about that. Here’s the important news: I’ll be showing my work at the Spicewood Arts Round-Up this weekend, Oct. 20-21. I hope those of you in the Central Texas area will come out and visit!